Newspaper and Mail Deliverers' Union
of New York and Vicinity

Safety Tips & Resources for NMDU Drivers


Rules of the Road

  • Distance - Never follow too close to another vehicle.
  • Focus - Avoid distractions such as cell phones, eating/drinking and reading.
  • Sleep - Rest and follow regulations regarding sleep and down time.
  • Signaling - Always signal to alert other drivers of turns and lane changes.
  • Space - Always provide enough space between you and other vehicles.

Top Driver Distractions

Using Mobile Phones and Devices

Leading the list of the top distractions behind the wheel are mobile phones and devices. Phones are now more important and inter-connected and drivers often don't put there phones down even when driving. Your driving performance is lowered when talking on the cell phone. Using a hands free device doesn't usually help either. Whether you're dialing, texting or talking they can a lead to un-needed distractions. Stay Alive. Don't Text and Drive.


Most people admit to daydreaming behind the wheel or gazing outside thier vehicle for way too long. Maybe you're checking out a house in a new neighborhood or thought they saw someone on the street corner. It's way too easy to veer into the direction your eyes are focused, leading to an accident. Keep your eyes on the road.


Some people haven't yet mastered the art of walking and chewing gum at the same, they should probably avoid eating or drinking while driving. Most foods require your hands to be off the wheel and your eyes to be diverted from the road. That sausage and peppers hero can get pretty messy, don't need the distraction of a lap full of peppers. Don't reach across the vehicle to grab some food from a passenger, not only is it rude, it's a dsitractions.
Definitely eat well before getting behind the wheel. If you must snack on the road, pull over and take a break.


Checking out a newspaper headline, Tweeting, checking out Facebook, or reading a book or magazine are all things that should definitely be avoided when driving. Even trying to read directions or a traffic map or checking the digital display of a your dashboard or GPS system can be distracting.

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