Newspaper and Mail Deliverers' Union
of New York and Vicinity

Our Prayer

Lord God, father of all of us, who has imprinted on every human soul the seal of thy love, and made us brothers and sisters to each other, and thy sons and daughters, enable us to earn our daily bread, without jealousy or injustice.
Enable us to respect all men and women's rights and every man and women's dignity, for each of us is a son and daughter of God.
May our union be a symbol of the unity of all things with God.
May this union, that protects our rights and safeguards our families be a model of American democracy.
Through our union, may we come to have a greater faith in one another, a greater appreciation of our own dignity as men and women.
May we through our work and worship be welcomed at the end of our days by your fatherly blessing.
May our souls and the souls of all our brothers and sisters who have worked with us, merit God's love and everlasting rest.
God Bless the NMDU